Well, here goes nothing… we are officially doing this!

In January 2017 we will be leaving from Texas and starting our adventure around the world. It took a few days for Kerry to convince Jenny that this was the best idea ever (it really is) and now we are in full force planning mode. It’s pretty overwhelming but extremely exciting at the same time. Every time we Google something, we find about 15 different blogs we want to read. Every time we open a blog, there’s at least 30 different helpful links. And then there’s books. Lots and lots of books full of detail and contradicting tips. There’s a never-ending supply of information out there and it’s a great resource to have, but also puts you into information overload.

The first week or two it was non-stop. All we did was research and chat, research and chat, over and over.  Then it became too much. We realized we had to slow down and enjoy this phase, just like we will need to do on our trip. No need to make it into a panicky, stressful situation. Just sit back and enjoy it.

Our goal with this blog is to provide tips for RTW planning, share helpful resources we find along the way, let you laugh at all of the outrageous things we end up screwing up and also let you know where we are. And of course, share a lot of photos along the way.

We hope you enjoy this as much as us! Thanks for joining our adventure.

~Kerry & Jenny

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