NYC January 2016

Throwing it back to practice our blog skills and share some snaps from a prior trip.

In early 2016 we visited NYC for what has become an ongoing annual trip of ours. We try to visit New York each winter and see some shows, eat and drink way too much, walk a whole lot and to try and teach Jenny how the Subway system works. This year we really lucked out and got to experience the city during a blizzard!

We had been checking the weather for a few days before we left. It kept changing. It’s going to snow for 4 days. It might snow one night. There will be 20 inches of snow. The city might just get 2 inches of snow. It was exciting and also had us in a constant state of “OMG what are we going to pack? We need snow boots. Oh wait, now we don’t. We need to pack our running gear. No way we can run in all that snow.” It went on and on. Finally we agreed to take a pair of rain boots, then otherwise our normal attire. It wouldn’t be as crazy as the media was letting us think.

We arrived late the first night and checked into our hotel.. the AMAZING The Refinery which is 2 blocks from Bryant Park. We lucked out and found this hotel on at an incredibly affordable rate, plus we always try a new local hotel on each visit, so it was a great option! After we settled in and talked about how amazing the room was, we headed to a local hole in the wall to catch up and down some beers.

The next day we did our traditional visit to TKTS Brooklyn for some discounted show tickets and taking the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan. The difference this time was Kerry made Jenny run to and from the hotel and Brooklyn to get some running in (in retrospect, it was a fantastic idea because it was a beautiful day and freezing cold, so we stayed warm!)

After that, it remained a normal, beautiful day in the city. We ate, we drank, we walked, we saw a Broadway show (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time… fantastic). That’s when it all changed, and when we became Texans and lost our shit. Snow. And it wasn’t just a little. It was falling and people in town were saying it wasn’t going to stop. So we did the obvious. Visited Times Square and took selfie stick photos. Walked home to the hotel, stopped every 10 feet to take more photos. Talked about how we wanted pasta and pizza by the slice, complained that everywhere had closed because they were panicking for no reason. We got back to the hotel and found a place that was open and would deliver to the hotel, so we ordered our traditional pizza and pasta in the hotel room dinner. Luckily, earlier that day we had visited the liquor store and stocked up on wine (just in case we got snowed in for days, we needed SOMETHING to help us survive). Then we drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

The next day was when it all changed. We woke up to snow piling up on the window ledge.


A look outside fulfilled our wildest dreams – there was at least 8 inches of beautiful, fluffy snow out there. The news showed everyone panicking. “It’s not stopping soon. It’s only getting worse. Don’t go out, it’s not safe.” So we went out for bagels. And they were closed. And we cursed. Next we did the logical thing and went to Central Park. Wow. Stunning. AND FREEZING COLD. Because it was a blizzard… and we were supposed to be safely tucked away… but it was more fun this way. We spent the entire day wandering the parts of the city we could, seeing almost everything closed down, checking the news for the latest count of snowfall and drinking heavily. Luckily our dinner reservations at Uva were honored and the restaurant was still open. Luckily the Subway was still running so we had ways to avoid the freezing wind and ongoing snowfall when we needed to. Luckily we made it home late that night when the snowfall finally stopped.

The next 2 days in the city were full of trekking through sloshy ice, leftover black snow and watching for falling sheets of ice as things started to melt. It was amazing. The best New York trip yet. Below are some photos from our adventure – we couldn’t have asked for a more unique visit to The Big Apple!!


The subway stairs that resulted in Kerry yelling “Those look like ski slopes!!”


Where’s Jenny?


Having fun in Central Park





Once the snow finally stopped, our walk home was in the middle of the somewhat cleared streets


Kerry in Central Park, the day after the storm


Oh, and this is the spiciest bowl of Ramen I had ever had



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