Selling Your Belongings

In October we really kicked it into gear with prep for our RTW journey. By this point we had read many blogs, all with varying tips on how to do things, but we knew one thing for sure: We needed to downsize. Jenny and I both have a history of having a bargain shopping problem. We buy tons of unnecessary clothing because it’s a great price. This is something we’re still working on, but we knew the first step was to get rid of the hoards of stuff that had been accumulating in our apartments.

Luckily, my sister’s neighborhood was having a neighborhood-wide garage sale in mid October, so we had something there to pressure us to try and sell items. Jenny loaded up her vehicle with everything she could fit and we hosted a garage sale on Saturday. And we were super successful!

My sister attributes it all to Jenny’s haggling skills, which will come in super handy on our trip. By the end of the day we sold off a ton of clothing, a lot of home decor we won’t need for the next year and anything else we thought we could make some cash off of. Anything that was left over we donated.

While we’re still in the process of selling things to help fund our trip and clear out our homes, there’s a lot of things we have learned from this process:

  • You don’t need 90% of the things you have right now
  • You can live off of a lot less clothing, shoes and things in general
  • Cleaning, selling and donating really helps you prioritize and rethink things
  • This whole process helps you get even more excited for your trip!

There’s been a constant struggle on what I should keep and what I should get rid of. Things that I ask myself when going through my belongings are questions like:

  • Will I use this on my trip?
  • How often do I use this right now?
  • Is there someone else that could use this item more than me?
  • Where will I store this item while I’m traveling?
  • What will I do with this item when I return?
  • Where could I try to sell this item? (A lot of times the selling process seemed way too difficult for items, so I would just donate them)
  • How much will it cost to store this item (and others) while I am gone?

As we continue to work through this process we will add in more tips. Just keep in mind, when you get back from your RTW journey you will most likely be living a much more simple, and a much lighter, lifestyle. You will realize you don’t need 2 different types of blenders, 75 pairs of shoes or that area rug that cost you $150.

~ Kerry

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