Final Week of Adult Life

It’s the last week of work before Jenny and I take time off to see friends, plan more of our travel and spend the holidays with our families. It’s hard to believe that in a month we will be starting this journey. And also funny to think we have to take a break before taking a break.

Over 3 months ago we decided we were 100% going to do this and December seemed so far away. Now it’s here and I’m a bit panicked! We’re leaving perfectly good jobs, steady careers, ongoing paychecks and a multitude of friends behind. It seemed so simple before but now that the reality is sinking in it’s a bit scary. I know I’m making the right decision by taking a gap year a bit later in life, but that doesn’t make it any less frightening.

I’ve gotten nothing but support from family, friends and coworkers as I’ve told them about my plans (well, there’s quite a bit of jealousy in there with the support too). It’s a little sad thinking in 30-ish days I will be walking away from all of these people and hoping we can stay in touch over the next year.

In the past 3+ months, here’s a variety of things we’ve done:

  • Read at least 1700 blogs. All of which give us different advice
  • Contemplated many different routes, looked at associated airfare and finally settled on starting in New Zealand
  • Went to Vegas and freaked out about the fact that we are really doing this
  • Reviewed over 50 different packing lists. Again… all with different device
  • Researched, debated and finally bought backpacks (how the hell I am going to live out of this single bag is beyond me)
  • Created Amazon Wish Lists of gear. My list was far more excessive than Jenny’s, but now that I have a backpack I realize it’s totally unrealistic!
  • Decided to get scuba certified before we arrive in New Zealand
  • Agreed that we “might as well” go to Fiji since we’ll be close enough
  • Got into wayyyyyy too much detail on travel topics specifically targeted to women
  • Cried a handful of times when our parents, friends or coworkers got emotional
  • Downloaded so many travel apps onto my phone that now my memory is full
  • Bought travelers insurance
  • Got all of our required vaccinations
  • I got horribly sick from one vaccination and went on an unplanned diet for a week and cried at the thought of having to try that vaccination again since I needed it
  • Booked a trip to NYC (let’s call it a practice trip)
  • Got the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card because of it’s amazing travel benefits. Then said there was no way we could spend $4K in 3 months. Then spent $4K in a month
  • Scheduled all of our NZ transportation
  • Explained that “RTW” stands for Round the World to numerous people
  • Talked nonstop about everything we had to do before we realized we were too stressed out and needed a break
  • Made endless to do lists
  • Called each other Drama Llamas on a daily basis

The next month will be a wild one for sure. There’s still a lot to do and a lot of people to see.


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