Unemployed Life

We are both officially unemployed and homeless. What a great way to spend the holiday season. It almost feels like we’re on holiday vacation and will return to work in a week, but that isn’t the case. We no longer have incomes, steady jobs, health insurance through our employers, 401K contributions, coworkers to annoy during the day or PTO we have to request. 100%. Un. Em. Ployed.

Trip planning is making good progress at least. We have our first few stops planned out (San Francisco, Hawaii, New Zealand) and have a general idea of what we want to do there. Next up is planning the Australia leg of our trip and doing more research and reading. We’re both pretty tired of researching and planning right now, plus we have busy holidays with seeing family and friends.

Last week we took our annual trip to NYC and started beefing up our Instagram page with photos. If you don’t know us personally, you’ll get to know us real quick (and our love for booze). We’ll blog about this trip soon and share our experiences, some of our favorite stops in the Big Apple and also some new places we found along the way. You’ll also get to hear about how we are movie stars now thanks to Jimmy Fallon.

Three weeks from tomorrow we hop on our first flight to start our journey around the world. We have approximately 22 days to finish our to do lists, say our goodbyes, figure out if everything fits in our backpacks, start our scuba certification and most likely shed some tears. No big deal guys. We got this.

~ Kerry

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