NYC December 2016

We finally made it to The Big Apple when Christmas was in full gear! It only took 3 years for us to time it right and get to see the Rockefeller Tree, Macy’s window displays and a whole lot more. Though we were just in NYC in January, we wanted to take another trip back before we left for our year-long journey. And this time, we dragged along a few guests.

Keeping with tradition, we tried a new hotel this time around. Park South was the winner for this trip and was a definite winner, particularly with 4 girls in one room. There was ample room to move around (though the bathroom was the standard NYC size… super small) and plenty of mirrors for us all to get ready. Also, the Subway was VERY close by which is always a win in our eyes. We loooooove taking the Subway in NYC.

Jenny and I arrived on Friday afternoon, with our friends (Paige and Jenna) arriving the next morning. We were lucky enough to get a light sprinkling of snow our first night, but then that turned to slush the next day. Jenny and I scoped out the hotel area the first night, found some great new bars (we totally fell in love with Jimmy’s Corner) and also finally tried some Korean BBQ in NYC. It had been on our list for awhile. Though we mostly focused on drinking that first night.

Instead of babbling on and on about everything we did on this trip, I’ll summarize and bombard with photos. Enjoy and CHEERS!

We drank beer.img_6833Paige and Jenna arrived and we ate ramen at a new-to-us place.img_6878

We walked around Central Park while some snow was still on the ground.img_6885img_6893img_6904

Introduced Paige and Jenna to our all-time favorite NYC bar: Judge Roy Bean.img_6905img_6907

Proceeded to drink more and take very touristy photos using the selfie stick.img_6972img_6958

Saw touristy and Christmas-y things and took more photos.

Bought tickets to see Chicago on Broadway and busted out the selfie stick in the theater.img_6980

The next day we moved a little slower and ate a lot more food. This included stops at two of our favorite places: Cafe Cluny and Eataly.

Monday was a busy day that started with a visit to the 9/11 Museum and Memorial.


And some bagels.

Of course a few beverages as well.

Some Rockefeller Tree shots.

And last but not least, that time we were famous on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Whew… talk about a trip. No better way to prepare for travel than with more travel! As always, we left NYC exhausted and with an even longer list of things we want to do on our next visit. We were lucky to have some wonderful travel companions on this trip and to get to show them some of our favorite things to see, do and drink. And we look forward to many more travel buddies over the next year!

Until then… stay safe and Happy New Year!

~ Kerry

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