Today we are halfway Scuba certified!

Ten day countdown began today…..and we spent all day completing our classroom and pool diving portions of our scuba certifications! We had already completed an online course and exam, but to be completely honest, we were slightly nervous walking into the scuba shop! This ended up being totally unnecessary because our instructor took awesome care of us.

If you are ever looking to get certified in the Dallas, TX metroplex area, we cannot recommend enough the Scuba Toys  dive shop in Carrollton, Texas, and particularly our dive instructor, Miles Francis! When we first called to discuss becoming certified, and informed them of our tight timeline, they were absolutely accommodating and worked with us on times that fit our schedule. We were even able to get a private session with just the 2 of us and Miles for 1 full day to knock out everything necessary for certification (except for the open water dive portion). They do offer the open water dive weekend, but since we were on a quick timeline, and it’s January and cold, it made more sense to go somewhere warmer (not to mention more beautiful) than a lake in Texas in the winter!

Once we were done with the classroom portion, we decided to buy a few personal scuba items to take along on our trip, and the employees at the dive shop were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Miles then taught us all about the gear and how to put it on safely and using your buddy for support. We then did many different drills underwater applying skills and techniques taught to us. Each time we went back down, we got more comfortable and more familiar with what to do (we will achieve neutral buoyancy!!). At the end of the day, we were exhausted but completely pumped for the open water portion coming up soon in Hawaii! For anyone who knows us, there is no surprise that there were also many giggle sessions throughout the day.


We are SO looking forward to our future dives and the incredible marine life and beauty underwater that we will get to observe so closely! We hear stories of how addicting scuba diving can be, and I now have a feeling we may be scheduling even more dives than originally planned on our trip AROUND THE WORLD!


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