Bay of Islands, New Zealand

We just wrapped up a visit to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand and it was STUNNING. We arrived in Auckland late on January 20th (after losing 23 hours) and went straight to a hostel for a few hours of sleep. Then early on Saturday morning we hopped on a bus and headed to Paihia. The bus ride was about 4 hours and every single thing we saw out of the windows on the way was beautiful. We had heard that New Zealand was a breathtaking country but my gosh… amazing!

The weather was a bit cooler than expected so we had to scrap our plans to plop on a beach when we arrived on Saturday. Instead we checked in to our hostel and grabbed some free bikes and headed out for a hike. We biked a bit down the road to the trail head for Waitangi Track where we hiked 5 km each way to and from Haruru Falls.

Kerry riding her rental bike to the Waitangi Track

Jenny at the trailhead

Kerry hanging out in the mangroves

Jenny hanging out by the Haruru Falls

On Sunday we were dedicated to spending the day at the beach and working on our base tans. The weather had a slightly different plan though so we spent some time in the morning running for cover from random rain showers and getting tons of sand blown in our faces, ears and hair. Eventually the weather took our side and we got to lay out and relax. Then it was time to drink. 

We checked out a cute place right next to our hostel called Thirty30 and grabbed a few beers while we played cards. 

It was exactly what the doctor ordered and we kicked back for awhile and enjoyed the lagers and nice weather. After a few drinks we headed back to the hostel to take care of some extremely classy boxed wine that was calling our name. 😉
Monday was by far our favorite day in Bay of Islands. Originally we planned to take the ferry over to Russell but we opted for another route. We started the day with a short walk along the coastal track near our hostel.

On our way back we stopped by a kayak rental place and chatted about rates and decided we would spend the day exploring nearby islands via kayak. We headed out around 10:30 and pointed to a cute island where we were told there was a nice, small beach on the back side. 
We arrived less than 30 minutes later after circling most of the island to check it out. After beaching our kayak we looked around and we were immediately in love. We had a small piece of paradise all to ourselves! The beach was breathtaking, relaxing and we immediately decided to stay as long as we could. The day consisted of laying on the beach, reading, taking photos and laughing. Just what we needed! 

After we returned the kayaks, we decided that we were sufficiently burned and should stay out of the sun, so we headed back to our hostel and relaxed with some more wine and did some trip planning. A successful day indeed! 
Our time spent in Paihia exceeded our expectations! We highly recommend this area of New Zealand if you’re looking to relax in an adorable, quaint bay town with incredible scenery! 

~Jenny and Kerry 

One thought on “Bay of Islands, New Zealand

  1. moonmusic says:

    Glad the weather finally cooperated and you gals got some much desired sun. Did Thirty30 provide the playing cards? It looks like a cool deck, actually. Kayaking is bomb. So happy to hear y’all had fun in Paihia.


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