Milford Sound, New Zealand

When looking at what to do during our time in Queenstown, everyone kept telling us how we just had to make the drive to see the Milford Sound. We decided to book a day trip tour that had a few stops along the way for small scenic nature walks and picture taking opportunities, then a cruise along the sound to take it all in. The nicest day according to the weather forecast would be our first full day in Queenstown, so we went ahead and booked it for Wednesday. 

The bus picked up right near our hostel (which we soon learned that everything was located near our hostel in the quaint city center of Queenstown) at a bright and early 5:50am! We loaded up and started the nearly 5 hour journey to Queenstown. 

Our bus driver was very informative and gave detailed explanations and stories about all of the different sceneries that we were passing. He also informed us that the weather was going to be absolutely perfect at the Milford Sound, and that days like this hardly ever happen. It is usually cloudy and wet there, and he could count on one hand the number of pretty days like this in the past 7 months! 

Along the way we stopped to view the Mirror Lakes, known for being so calm and giving a perfect reflection of the scenery around them.

We passed by the most beautiful bright blue river that seemed to go on for ages.

Once in Milford, we boarded the boat that we would cruise on up and down the sound. Aboard the cruise we saw beautiful waterfalls, magnificent moss covered cliffs and even some sunning seals. Pictures do not do it justice whatsoever, but here are a few of the pics we snapped while in awe of the surrounding beauty that is the Milford Sound.

On the way back, we stopped at this wide open field that was basically a perfect backdrop for a photo.

We also passed an incredible amount of sheep and deer farms! (Yes they farm deer in NZ, venison meat is apparently quite the commodity.)

On our ride back to Queenstown, we kept saying how we were so glad we picked this day trip to go on, and how the Milford Sound was quite possibly one of the most beautiful and majestic places we had ever been. 

More coming soon on how we spent the remainder of our time in Queenstown! 

~Jenny & Kerry 

2 thoughts on “Milford Sound, New Zealand

  1. Meg Tormey says:

    Your pics of Milford sound were wonderful.. I made the same tour but weather was not that good.. oh Happy Valentinedaya tomorrow.. I am in Poestenkill with Bob had a huge snowfall and we were snowed in today.l. hope to get out and about toorrow but snow is gorgeous.. stay well nd happy love fromGranma

    Liked by 1 person

  2. moonmusic says:

    How lucky y’all got with the weather! Love the lake and river pics. The ones in the field are very Sound of Music-esque. #funfact re: the deer farms


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