Fiji and the Coral Coast


When we started making plans for the first 2 months of our RTW (round the world) trip, Fiji kept coming up. This is a place that we both have wanted to visit for a long time so it only made sense to take a tiny detour to spend some time in Fiji.

We opted to take a week long trip to Fiji to see what it was all about. Another decision we made was to stay on the main island instead of spending time traveling to some of the smaller islands. Jenny found an adorable place called Maui Palms, about an hour and a half away from the Nadi airport, so we booked it for 6 nights as a vacation from our year long vacation.

Virgin Australia took us from Sydney over to Nadi and we arrived with giant smiles on our faces. Unfortunately, that smile quickly faded once we waited on our baggage and only one of our bags arrived. Kerry spent a good 5 minutes making sad faces standing by the baggage claim going round and round without her bag on it. Luckily, the lovely folks at the Nadi airport were swift to move in and try to resolve the where-in-the-world-is-Kerry’s-entire-life-in-a-backpack problem. We were given a reference number and told that our hotel would be contacted when her backpack was found. (Good news: the bag was returned just a few days later. Whew!)

Maui Palms had helped to arrange a ride from the airport to the hotel, and luckily they were also kind enough to have a taxi driver wait around while we worked on the baggage ordeal. They were even more kind in that they had the taxi driver take us to town so that Kerry could buy some essentials to survive until her backpack arrived. After a few bikinis, some basic clothing, a toothbrush, contact case and solution and a razor were purchased, we headed to our island paradise. Luckily, Fiji is a great place to lose your bags as you don’t need much other than a bathing suit and a toothbrush!

We settled in to our amazing room… a king sized bed, our own private bathroom, free towels, clean sheets, a view looking straight out at the water… all things we had taken for granted before we started living in hostels! Maui Palms is a small resort with just a handful of rooms, so we got to know the staff very well and quickly. Our villa was the closest to the beach, just steps from the pool, the sand and the coral reef out front. We had all kinds of friendly critters from bats to hermit crabs, cows to dogs and even a bunch of bugs that insisted on eating Kerry alive at any given opportunity.


A REAL BED! Not bunks!!

The week was spent doing a whole lot of nothing. Most of our time was spent eating some of the amazing food Maui Palms prepared for us, laying by the pool or the beach working on our tans, doing yoga (that was all Jenny), swimming laps in the pool, watching movies at night, practicing our cannonballs (mostly Kerry), snorkeling the reef that was steps away, playing cards when it rained and lounging in hammocks while we read.




Cannonball practice


Yoga practice


Cards during a rainstorm



Here’s a look at some of the amazing things we saw while snorkeling the reef right outside our resort:


Ready to snorkel!



Fish swarming Jenny as we headed out to snorkel

Also, we try to do plugs for our blog, Instagram and Twitter anytime we can. Since there was plenty of coral scattered along the beach each morning, we made the most of it. Clearly you have discovered our blog, but be sure to check out our Instagram account for more photos and our Twitter for random narratives.wp-1487754962171.jpgwp-1487755198240.jpg

Fiji was absolutely stunning and even more relaxing than we had expected. We are grateful that we had the accommodating and friendly folks at Maui Palms to make our trip even more amazing. We cannot wait to go back! Who wants to join?!

~Kerry & Jenny

3 thoughts on “Fiji and the Coral Coast

  1. John Suarez says:

    Oh man, that cannonball pic… good times. That one moment brought back all of the goofy stuff we’ve ever done, as well as some freshman physics problems for some reason… something about angles, refraction, trajectory, etc. So, thanks for that. Love the updates, and nice tans 😎


  2. moonmusic says:

    So glad you got your bag back, Kerry! (And what a great attitude looking on the bright side of what better place to lose a bag than Fiji?) 😛

    Aha! Those cards are yours. Cool deck. Great snorkeling vids. Love the hashtag in the sand. Glad y’all had such a good time.

    Liked by 1 person

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