What we ate in… Fiji!


On our trip to Fiji we did not leave our resort, Maui Palms, at all. We had opted to do a meal plan at the resort after reading reviews about how great the food was. Each day we were promised breakfast, lunch and a 3 course dinner. We were more than excited to try the entire menu and hopefully get our seafood fix.

The food at Maui Palms was beyond impressive, always fresh and also always surprising and slightly different. Even if we ordered the same meal more than once, we were delighted to find a different presentation and new veggies. Things never got boring with the food, but then again, when is food ever boring?! šŸ™‚

Here’s a sampling of some of the great dishes we tried…


“Club” Sandwich for lunch


Appetizer of fried heaven – calamari, tempura shrimp and chicken spring rolls


Tapas appetizer platter with crackers, cheese and veggies


Garlic prawns


Local fish with tropical slaw and veggies


Surf and Turf – Filet in wine sauce with prawns


Scallops in sweet chili sauce


Local fish in coconut cream sauce


Our favorite dessert…ice cream with a fresh mixed berry sauce


Famous crepes with banana and caramel and fried ice cream for dessert our first night!

Maui Palms also prepared a feast one night where they taught us some Fijian traditions and cooked us local foods. It was really neat to learn more about the culture and also get to know the staff even more. The evening started with a ceremony where we all sat around and drank kava. Kava is made from a ground root and then combined with water so you can drink it. It’s known for it’s sedating effects, it helps prevent and/or calm anxiety and it also makes your tongue go numb. We sat around with some other visitors and the staff of Maui Palms and learned the traditions associated with drinking kava. We also all laughed at the faces the others made when drinking it and pressured each other to do “tsunami” level drinks! We both started out with “low tide” size bowls of kava, and worked our way up to “high tides”….and both got numb mouths in the process!


Offering a kava drink

Last but not least, we sampled some Fijian beers. We loved the local beers and made sure to drink a lot of them to make sure that they did not go to waste.


We left Fiji with happy hearts, full bellies and better tans. There is no doubt that we will be going back to Fiji, and Maui Palms, again in the future. The locals, the staff, our taxi driver, the beaches, the snorkeling, the random rain stormsĀ and otherwise intensely strong sun, the food and the beer all won us over and made us more than welcome in their beautiful country.

~ Kerry & Jenny

One thought on “What we ate in… Fiji!

  1. moonmusic says:

    The fried stuff looks very…fried. Lol Do I spy artichoke hearts in your tapas platter? That crepe thing looks delish. The presentation of the food was so lovely. Maui Palms did a great job. Thanks for sharing the #culturalmoment with the kava drink!

    Liked by 1 person

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