What we ate in… Australia

Luckily it’s been awhile since we had to write a note to dorm mates. Instead, we’ve had nothing but fun and friendly dorm mates in Australia! We’ve continued to eat and drink our way through another country. Here’s a breakdown on all the scrumptious things we ate in Australia… or the land of the meat and cheese platters, since that became our obsession here. It’s not really the land of the meat and cheese platters.

Yum Yums (aka food)
The Shakespeare Hotel (Surry Hills, Sydney)
We came here for the advertised $13.50 dinner. We stayed because the food was amazing. Kerry got the chicken schnitzel (fried perfectly!) with peppercorn gravy, mash and slaw. Jenny got the fish and chips. For a small pub with live music and a kitchen in the back, it was amazing food. The plates of food were large, too. We had to talk ourselves out of going back here for every meal after this one.


Burger & Ribs (The Rocks, Sydney)
We had burgers. What a surprise! Jenny got a real burger, Kerry got an imposter one that had chicken breast on it. We also had chips. That means french fries. They call them chips here. And tomato sauce… not ketchup. Australians are hooligans.

Swinging Cat (Sydney)
This was our dinner stop after the Opera House on Valentine’s Day. Things got romantic and we shared a bottle of wine and a meat and cheese platter. From what we recall, it was delicious. But we were many glasses of wine deep at this point 🙂

Chill Cafe (Cairns/Palm Cove Beach)
Holy deliciousness. This was great! We visited Palm Cove Beach and kept getting hit with rainstorms, so we took cover in Chill Cafe for some lunch and drinks. It did not disappoint. They serve breakfast most of the day, so Kerry got a delicious plate of eggs benedict and a much needed coffee. Jenny got fish tacos that came with a red cabbage slaw and jambalaya rice. We also took in a few beers to help pass the time as we got rained on.wp-1488511987994.jpg

Mash (Perth)
This was a lunch stop in Perth with Kerry’s Aunt. We had been touring Swan Valley wineries and Jill suggested a visit to this local restaurant. It also had a brewery, but we focused on the foods. Yet another meat and cheese platter… and more chips. Very tasty and there was more than enough for leftovers the next day!

The Hoose House (Perth)
Our hosts in Perth spoiled us with a home cooked meal on one evening. We completely over ate and it was totally worth it. The menu consisted of salad, avocado and tomatoes, twice baked potatoes, steak, wine, brownies, ice cream and port wine. It was absolutely delicious and hit the spot!

At Our Hostels
We mastered the art of at home meat, cheese, hummus, carrots and cracker platters while in Australia. This was our go-to lunch for day trips to the beach or the mountains. Then it became our go-to for dinner at our hostels. And while at restaurants. We might be addicts.

Platter from our backpack. Spread out on the grass on our Blue Mountains lunch break

In addition, we discovered a tasty honey yogurt in Sydney that we had for breakfast every morning with Nature Valley granola bars smashed up and dumped in it (turns out these granola bars will gladly become a crumbly mess anytime other than when you want them to).

Adult Beverages
Opera Bar (Sydney)
This was suggested to us by Kerry’s coworker, Nikki. We took in great views of the Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and the harbour (and visiting cruise ship) while we sipped on some wine before the show!

Little Creatures Brewery (Perth)
We took an evening trip to Fremantle to see Jenny’s friend Shelly and her family and to catch up. Since we had a late lunch at Mash that day, we opted to focus on beers for the evening. We tried the Dog Days Summer Beer and their Little Creatures Pale Ale and both were so tasty!

Swan Valley Wineries (Perth)
We visited 2 different wineries in Swan Valley to sample what they had to offer: Sandalford Winery and Olive Farm Wines. Each one had several tasty wines for us to try, and we walked away with a few bottles to have with dinner in Perth. The wineries in this region charged minimal tasting fees (reimbursed if you purchase anything) and also were very generous with the number of wines they allowed you to try. Success!

Other Beers
We spent most of our time drinking XXXX Gold while in Australia. However, on our boat ride back into Cairns we drank the entire XXXX Gold supply on the boat, so we tried something new: Tooheys. It was tasty, so we started to introduce this into our Australian beer rotation.wp-1488512008738.jpg

In Perth we raided the free beer supply where we were staying. We found one very tasty new friend: Wild Yak Pacific Ale. It was love at first sight (and taste), so we stocked up on a few more to hold us over until we left for Indonesia. 

~Kerry & Jenny

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