What we ate in… Indonesia

No… we did not eat goat. But we did have goats, cats and dogs supervising many of our meals. And we did get to try all kinds of amazing foods in Indonesia! Here’s a breakdown of our experiences with all kinds of tasty treats.

Mamasan (Bali, Indonesia)
We found out about this place from our Lonely Planet guidebook. It was a recommended restaurant in the Seminyak region of Bali. To celebrate our first night in Bali, we feasted on pork and prawn spring rolls, crispy chicken dumplings, stir fried rice and stir fried chicken with chili and cashew. And of course, Bintang. It was amazing!wp-1488880475895.jpg

Honey Bees (Bali, Indonesia)
On our walk home (read: to our hotel) one night in Bali, we stopped to check out the menu at Honey Bees. Next thing we know, we are feasting on Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng and raving about the affordable and delicious food at this restaurant. We topped off the meal with some Bintangs and fried ice cream. We left after paying our cheapest bill yet… and then came back again about a week later for the exact same meal. YUM!wp-1488880357858.jpg

Taco Casa (Bali, Indonesia)
Surprisingly great Mexican food in Indonesia! We ended up here for Kerry’s birthday dinner and had a delicious, fresh and tasty meal with our favorite Indonesian beer, Bintang. It was such a great experience that we actually wound up coming back for Taco Tuesday twice in a row when our bodies and taste buds just needed a slight break from rice and noodles, etc.wp-1488859727358.jpgwp-1488880424771.jpg

Potato Head Beach Club (Bali, Indonesia)
We hung out here for essentially one entire day lounging by the pool and enjoying the sunshine and eventually the most gorgeous sunset imaginable. During our time at Potato Head, we munched on some delicious snacks including a chicken sandwich and fries, fish tacos and Stark Lagers. Great food and sights!wp-1488880412712.jpgwp-1488880375449.jpgwp-1488880387985.jpg

Bong Pipi (Bali, Indonesia)
We were searching for a good place to have lunch one day and came across Bong Pipi on Trip Advisor and decided to give it a shot. We headed out to do a little window shopping in Seminyak on our way to the lunch spot and almost couldn’t find it! It had no large sign on the street and we actually lucked into finding it after passing it once. We popped in and were delighted to find that they had happy hour from 12-5ish, so they had a buy one get one free beer while we were there. We ordered the Pandan chicken (spiced chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves and steamed/baked) and some fries with bacon and cheese on them….a little bit foreign and a little bit of home in one meal!wp-1488880348184.jpgwp-1488880336036.jpg

Le Pirate (Gili Trawangan, Indonesia)
Our adorable hotel in Gili T had some really great dishes that we enjoyed during our time there. Some of our meals while at Le Pirate included butterfish, pad thai, chicken and beef satay skewers, snapper, delicious and fresh strawberry smoothies for lunch and granola with yogurt each morning for breakfast.wp-1489488683290.jpgwp-1489321490617.jpg

Wilson’s Retreat (Gili Trawangan, Indonesia)
When we were on our snorkeling adventures, we would sometimes get in at our hotel and let the tide take us whichever direction it was going at the time. Our first day the tide took us north and we ended up near Wilson’s Retreat and decided to take a peep at the menu and decided that it was definitely worth coming back down for a meal or two. We had an incredible lunch of Mahi Mahi with fried rice balls and a dessert of chocolate mousse. It was so delightful that we actually ended up eating this same meal again on our last night on the island! We also had another dinner here where we enjoyed an appetizer and then some seafood risotto which was yummy and filling.wp-1489321528186.jpg

Karma Kayak (Gili Trawangan, Indonesia)
This was another place that we had read about and wandered across during our snorkeling outings. The prices were absolutely reasonable and they had the cheapest Bintangs on our side of the island! We came here a few evenings in a row to enjoy a beer while watching the stunning sunsets. We played cards and ordered tapas and raved about the flavors and variety of foods that Karma Kayak offered. We enjoyed a few different meals here – all served tapas style – zesty meatballs, prawns “karma kayak”, patatas bravas, olives and olive tapinade with fresh bread, calamari, and chicken satay skewers.wp-1489488015454.jpg

Miscellaneous Warungs (Java, Indonesia)
While on our 3 day trip in Java, we ate a several different warungs, which are basically hole in the wall type restaurants that are all open-air and serve you quickly. Our tour guide Pierrick took tours weekly to Java, so had already scoped out the best spots to eat at, and called each spot before we arrived so we basically had food waiting on us as we arrived. We would be greeted with fresh fruit juices and plates of noodles, rice, veggies, tofu, and desserts for every meal. One lunch, we were served whole grilled fish (including the eyeballs!).wp-1489834075083.jpg

Random Javanese Home (Java, Indonesia)
After we left Kawah Ijen, we were lucky enough to be treated to lunch at an actual Javanese home. Pierrick took us to this home and we ate the most incredible meal that we had in Indonesia! We feasted on chicken, rice, fresh homegrown veggies, corn patties, jackfruit soup, and fresh fruit for dessert – champagne watermelon!

Next up… Thailand! The country that is most likely to cause us to gain some weight 🙂

~ Jenny & Kerry

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