Phuket, Thailand and the first Thai spa visit

We arrived in Thailand and started our visit with a trip to Phuket. After booking a hotel online and not really knowing much about the region, we opted to stay in Patong. Turns out this was a pretty huge party area and we aren’t big partiers… but we still took the time to explore and make the most of it.

Here’s a recap of what we did while in Patong:

Visited a Thai spa and had a fish spa, pedicure and massage. We used our haggling skills and had them come down to a very reasonable price of under 30 USD….for about 2.5 hours of pampering (and squealing from the fish nibbling).

Sampled fresh passion fruit juice while visiting the spa and fell in love with the fresh juices sold around town.


Saw Beauty and the Beast at a local cinema on a rainy afternoon.

Learned about a local street market and became highly addicted to the fresh, fast, cheap and delicious Thai street food!wp-1490444811697.jpgwp-1490058161644.jpgwp-1490105024512.jpgwp-1490445330537.jpg

Consumed tons of food including mango sticky rice, thai beef jerky, sticky rice, fried chicken strips with chili sauce, imitation fried shrimp, pad see ew and amazing fresh fruit at said street market.wp-1490058152110.jpg

Met some other tourists that wanted photos with us so we took lots of cheesy photos and it was great. We also bought cheap dresses from a vendor after haggling a bit on the street by the beach (as seen in below pic).

Learned about and tried out Chang Classic – a local beer. Continued to sample generous portions of it.wp-1490058173143.jpg

Witnessed a language barrier communication issue in a restaurant that resulted in a big dispute about the final bill.

Visited Patong beach and spend several hours people watching, playing in the sand and drinking more Chang.wp-1490105075065.jpgwp-1490105066152.jpg

Ate Baskin Robbins ice cream.

Became addicted to cheese and onion chips. This would be the Thai version of Lays Cheddar and Sour Cream chips…and they are delicious and have become a go-to lunch snack for us when we decide to eat breakfast and dinner only.

Used a Thai laundry service and didn’t have to do our own laundry for once. Yay!

Booked a trip to Krabi region of Thailand at the last minute. Found a home in Ao Nang for a few days!

We’ll be back in Phuket in a few days and hope to do some more cultural sight seeing while we are there. But first, we need to explore some islands near Krabi and see what everyone is talking about!

~ Kerry & Jenny

4 thoughts on “Phuket, Thailand and the first Thai spa visit

  1. meg tormey says:

    Hello ..wonderful pictures Phuket Thailand.. wow and UTwo getting pedicures with fish nibbling at your feet.. It amazes me how you seem to find out what to see and do wherever you go… all OK in Temple.. hope you both stay well .. love Granma


  2. Margaret Harwell says:

    Wonderful picts. Ya ll are awesome..
    Keep on exploring..
    No regrets 🙌. Love & more
    May God continue to bless you both. Enjoy every moment.OX


  3. Jill Hoose says:

    You two girls are amazing and are having the time of your life. So happy for you. You both always look great. Love you and keep up this wonderful adventure.


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