The return to Phuket, Thailand

Leaving Ao Nang brought us back to Phuket and provided the opportunity to see another part of the island and do a few touristy things. We opted to stay in Kata this time around as it was a bit more calm and claimed better beaches than Patong. We found a cheap hotel that had good reviews, booked it and set out on Phuket Adventure, Round 2.

Our ferry and shuttle dropped us in Kata around 6 pm so we checked in and headed out to the Kata weekly market that was in town that evening. We sampled a variety of tasty fried foods, had a Chang beer, dominated some sticky rice, paid way too much for a cup of buttery corn and tried a new, yellow curry grilled chicken. After we were sufficiently stuffed we headed “home” for some sleep. We had a big day ahead of us the next day.

The next morning included getting some extra rest before heading out to see some touristy sights. We grabbed tasty kebabs from a local vendor and then tried our hand at negotiating with a taxi driver to take us to a few sights. After some back and forth we agreed on a price and hopped in a nice, air conditioned vehicle to head to our first stop: Big Buddha.

Big Buddha sits atop the Nakkerd Hills near Kata and is close to 45 meters tall. It boasts 360 degree views of the city, shoreline and nearby hills. The views are breathtaking but the Big Buddha is astonishing. We were given shawls when we entered since Big Buddha is a Buddhist temple. We spent time wandering the grounds and taking it all in before hopping back in our taxi for the next destination.

Next up was Wat Chalong. It is considered the most important of all the Buddhist temples in Phuket. The grounds host multiple buildings but the Wat Chalong temple itself is a sight to behold. We spent a lot of time exploring the grounds, admiring the temples and reflecting. It was really hot by this time of the day so we became experts at finding breezy spots to cool off while enjoying the scenery.

From there we were dropped at the Karon Temple Market where we hoped to grab some dinner and do some shopping. This market was slightly disappointing on the food front, and it started raining, so we didn’t spend much time there. We slowly made our way back to Kata and hunted for food along the way. In the end, we ate dinner at the restaurant directly in front of our hotel and grabbed some buy one, get one free Chang.

The next morning Jenny woke up with a sore throat and cough, which were more upsetting than ever since we had a big scuba trip coming up! We focused on getting her better and rested up, spending a lot of time drinking hot tea with honey and hitting the pharmacy for some medicine. Once we had her medicated we grabbed some donuts and headed to the beach to tan and relax. The weather had other plans for the day though and it rained and stopped raining four times over before we gave up and headed back in. After getting soaked on our walk back, we dropped our stuff and headed out for a kebab dinner. It was just as tasty as the first time around! The rain was relentless when our addiction kicked in – oreo ice cream. We didn’t let the rain stop us and we stopped in each convenience store looking for our favorite sweet treat. When we finally gave up, the rain did too, and the street vendors began to open up again. We got our sweet fix with “fried” oreo ice cream… which is really homemade frozen ice cream rolls. Delicious!

On our final morning in Phuket, Jenny was still struggling with her throat and cough so she took it easy and made the mistake of asking Dr. Google what would happen if she went scuba diving with the existing conditions. This resulted in a slight freak out/meltdown. We have since sworn off talking to Dr. Google.

We grabbed a few snacks, more kebabs and then hopped in our shuttle to Khao Lak! The next adventure was something we were beyond excited for: our first scuba liveaboard. Stay tuned.

~ Kerry & Jenny

2 thoughts on “The return to Phuket, Thailand

  1. meg tormey says:

    hi and good morning from Temple.. your second adventure in Phuket was amazing.. the shrines were much more amazing than anything I saw in Japan lo those many years ago.. surely you will never forget Phuket.. I am here prayingthat Jenny recovers from thehead cold asap.. no comment about the scuba with a cold ha.. just get well, Jenny.. love and miss you Granma


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