What we ate in… Thailand

We spent an entire month in Thailand exploring many things, including the local cuisine. From markets to cooking classes, we literally ate our way through this country. HEre is a highlight of some of our favorite meals… you might start to see a trend!

Banzaan Market (Patong, Phuket, Thailand)
We were told about this night market by the lovely ladies at the spa we went to on our first day in Patong. Then we happened to stumble upon it after a movie and became addicted. In our subsequent returns to Phuket we made sure to visit this market and enjoy some of our favorites.wp-1490444811697.jpgwp-1490105055592.jpgwp-1490058152110.jpgwp-1490058161644.jpg

Ao Nang Wednesday Market (Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand)
Ao Nang surprised us and had a great market on the evening we arrived. After wandering around to scope out what looked the best, we settled on a variety of foods from different vendors. Miscellaneous fried meats, mango sticky rice, amazing donuts and a kebab wrap made up our dinner for the evening. We enjoyed this meal sitting by the beach watching the sunset.wp-1490275001751.jpgwp-1490274994616.jpgwp-1490274986497.jpgwp-1490275009455.jpg

Ao Nang Daily Market (Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand)
In addition to a weekly market, Ao Nang had a daily market with some great vendors. We frequented this while staying in the town and tried out red curry with chicken and steamed rice, fried yellow noodles and spring rolls.wp-1490274911005.jpgwp-1490274917385.jpg

Random Street Vendors (all over Thailand)
Thoughout our entire stay in Thailand we ate the majority of our meals at local markets. While we don’t know the names of most of the vendors, we do know that they were all tasty and staffed by extremely kind people. Our Thailand local market staples included: Thai pancakes, fruit shakes, sticky rice, fresh fruit juice, pad thai, fresh fruit, Oreo ice cream, papaya salad, kebabs, fried chicken wings, some random stuff that we’re not really sure what it was… the list goes on and on.IMG_20170407_184731

Kata Night Market (Kata, Phuket, Thailand)
We lucked out and on our first night in Kata it was a market night. It was a short walk from our hotel, so of course we headed that direction to pig out! We feasted on fried foods (chicken, fish, potato spring rolls), sticky rice, corn off the cob and some random chicken on a stick. It was all delicious… as always. One vendor we loved so much we went back for a second round of fried heaven.

Lebanese 2 Kebab (Kata, Phuket, Thailand)
We ate here three times in the same number of days and it was amazing. The staff was friendly, the food hot and fresh and also very affordable. Just thinking back and remembering these delicious chicken kebabs makes our mouths water!

Good Friend Bar (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
The sweet owner of this bar totally spoiled us during our stay in Chiang Mai. We discovered this little gem through Talia and Ollie, two friends we met on our first elephant sanctuary trip. They mentioned a woman owned a small bar next door and was offering free food during Songkron. We went to check it out with them and fell in love. Each day we returned to have a few beers and try whatever foods they were cooking up that day! We devoured chicken wings, fried potatoes, papaya salad, two different soups (not sure of their names), sweet chicken with peppers and pineapple and spaghetti! Often times we were so excited for the food we forgot to take photos…IMG_20170413_152720IMG_20170414_200719-1

Kat’s Kitchen (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
This was the one time we betrayed Good Friend Bar and tried something different. Kat cooked up some epic food for us and we left totally stuffed – we had Laab Gai (which we had learned to cook in Bangkok!) and Pad Thai along with some fried potato slices. Yum!

Night Market in Chiang Mai – Little Istanbul (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
We tried Turkish food from the Little Istanbul booth at the night market on our last night in Chiang Mai. This place had a long line, so we knew it must be good and it was incredible! We hadn’t eaten since breakfast and were so thankful that this meal hit the spot!

7/11 (On every single corner in Thailand)
We were regulars at 7/11 for a variety of things: water, beer, snickers bars, oreo ice cream, ham and cheese croissants, toasties (OMG how did we not discover these sooner?!) and any other meal or snack we needed in a jiffy.

Subway and McDonald’s (Bangkok Airport, Thailand)
Yep. This happened. We are not proud of it, but we needed food and needed something from “back home”. It resulted in some regrets.IMG_20170411_144744

The Pizza Company (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
More regrets. We came home from being drenched by water during Songkran and did not want to go back out and get soaked for food. So we ordered pizza delivery. And it was a tiny pizza. So we ordered two more. Then we spent about 12 hours saying we will never do that again… that week.IMG_20170413_222753

Airline Food (Thailand in general)
Turns out all airlines here feed you, regardless of how short the flight is. And the food isn’t too bad! We flew on Bangkok Airways, Air Asia and Thai Air and all were great.IMG_20170407_145631IMG_20170411_181135

It goes without saying that we loved the food in Thailand! Though we might be ready for some home cooked meals again very soon 🙂

~ Kerry & Jenny

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