Nha Trang, Vietnam

The next stop on our Tour de Vietnam was Nha Trang. This was a town we were originally very excited to visit as we were longing for lazy days on the beach. However, as we worked our way south, all we heard from fellow travelers was how they did not like Nha Trang due to one thing: the abundance of Russians. Despite what we heard, we kept our original reservations and intended to stay for a week and enjoy the views.

We arrived very early on a Saturday morning after another overnight sleeper bus ride. Our hostel, Mojzo Dorm, greeted us with smiling faces and also bunk beds in the back room! So we curled up and napped for awhile before starting our day. After finding some breakfast and checking in, we headed out to the beach.

Indeed there were a lot of Russians. The Vietnamese workers on the beach even spoke Russian as their second language. It was pretty unreal! And every sign on the street had signs in Russian, menus in Russian, etc. Wild.

Our time in Nha Trang was relaxing and filled with time on the beach and in the water, lots of rooftop happy hour beers and making new friends, a one day snorkeling trip that included more jumping off of the top deck of the boat and having fancy girly drinks at a bar with a view. We also had a reunion with one of our favorite meals ever (meat and cheese with crackers), family dinners (for only $3!) and amazing free breakfast at our hostel and a lot of bun thit nuong (vermicelli noodle bowl with pork).


The view from our favorite beach spot


On the rooftop at Mojzo Dorm with our new friend, Ludo


Views from Mojzo Dorm rooftop


Safety first on our day trip to snorkel!


Hon Mun Island makes for a nice backdrop!



Cocktails at Liberty Central



The perfect beach lunch


Family dinner at our hostel


Bun Thit Nuong with Julie


Breakfast of champions!

Despite the Russians, we had a great time in Nha Trang. We would recommend it to anyone making their way up the coast of Vietnam… just maybe don’t stay quite as long as we did 🙂 However, the staff at Mojzo Dorm were the most incredible and helpful staff that we have come across on our travels so far. That goes a long way. They went out of their way to help us with anything from bus bookings to handing us umbrellas on rainy days… and always remembering our names!

~ Kerry & Jenny

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