Mui Ne, Vietnam

I left on a bus from Nha Trang to Mui Ne for my first solo adventure on this trip. 

Views from the bus ride to Mui Ne

Kerry and I have decided to travel separately for a couple of weeks, so I booked a bus to head further south in Vietnam to meet up with our Swiss friends we met in HaLong Bay a few weeks ago. After a 4 hour bus ride, I was dropped off in walking distance to my hostel, which was nice to not have to worry about hailing a cab…or worse, a motorbike taxi! 

Upon arrival to my new home for the next 2 nights, I met a girl in the dorm to have lunch with and then settled in by the pool until my friends arrived. I would now be traveling with Patty and Mile (short for Qamile), Mile’s sister Kreni (who is visiting for 2 weeks) and Imran, a fun guy from Singapore who the girls met in their prior town. We all were heading in the same direction so we have now decided to all travel together as a pack!

Our hostel offered sunrise and sunset tours to see the main attractions in Mui Ne, the white and red sand dunes, a fishing village and the Fairy Stream. After much discussion and a little persuasion, the group agreed on a sunrise tour for the following morning! 

This hostel was quite social, so we hung out with a huge group of people that evening getting to know everyone, playing cards, pool, and we even played in a beer pong tournament! 

The next morning we had a super early wake-up call at 3:55am, met at the reception at 4:15 and headed off in 4-wheel drive Jeeps to see the sun rise at the first set of sand dunes! 

Sunrise at the white dunes

Selfie in the Jeep on the white dunes with Mile and Patty

The dunes are really magnificent. We just sat on the white sand and enjoyed such a peaceful moment watching the sun rise and taking in the beautiful colors in the sky. 

The next stop were the red sand dunes, which were equally beautiful, even though the color was a bit more burnt orange than red. This Aggie still can appreciate a beautiful creation even if it’s not my favorite color…😁 

We hopped back into the Jeep and headed to a lookout point overlooking a large fisherman’s village. This one was so unique because the boats were all totally round and bright, beautiful colors! 

Our last stop was the Fairy Stream. We were told to walk up the stream for about 15 minutes or so to get views of some amazing rocks and cliffs. We ventured barefoot up the stream and were totally amazed at the beauty of the rock structures we saw along the way! 

Jenny having fun on the walk through the Fairy Stream!

One thing that I keep saying over and over is that every city or town that we have been to in Vietnam has been so different than the last! You have bustling cities like Hanoi and Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City (going here next!), gorgeous mountain villages like Sapa, quaint beach towns like Hoi An and now I’m exploring a small town, Mui Ne, with a desert-like feel to it. This country is so unique and special, and I’m soaking it all up on my last few days here! 

One more stop to go in Vietnam!


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