Boracay, Philippines

Arriving in Boracay we were blown away by the views… and the beaches! No wonder this is a major tourist attraction. It was quite different from El Nido. The streets were busier, the town was much more expansive, there was a McDonald’s… there was a lot to take in. We split ways during this 8-night stop and did our own thing, so we’ll talk separately about our stay here.

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El Nido, Philippines

We arrived in the Philippines and spent a night in Manila before heading out to our first long-term destination: El Nido. In Manila we spent the evening at a cute hostel called Z Hostel, which was recommended to us by a friend of a friend (thanks Marc!) The next morning we went to a small terminal in the airpot and hopped on an AirSwift flight direct into El Nido. We expected our normal budget airline… but were surprised with a great prop plane and even better service. We were given water and snacks upon arrival at the gate and the staff was fantastic. Our flight into El Nido was quick and beautiful!

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Dear Terrible Dorm Mates… Cebu Edition

It was bound to happen. We had come so far, had so many great roommates. So we are back with another edition of our love letters to bad dorm mates. It’s worthwhile to note that the frustrations of this situation were only compounded by the fact that the beds in this dorm were rock hard and covered in a plastic (too many prior incidents weeing the bed, perhaps).

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The Philippines!

We are safe and sound in the Philippines. Wifi here isn’t the best, so we’ve been rather quiet (clearly!) But we’ll be back soon with updates, photos, videos and all kinds of other juicy information. Until then we will be wandering beautiful beaches and exploring the underwater world.

~ Kerry & Jenny