Dear Terrible Dorm Mates… Cebu Edition

It was bound to happen. We had come so far, had so many great roommates. So we are back with another edition of our love letters to bad dorm mates. It’s worthwhile to note that the frustrations of this situation were only compounded by the fact that the beds in this dorm were rock hard and covered in a plastic (too many prior incidents weeing the bed, perhaps).

Dear Terrible Dorm Mates,

There were two of you last night. Traveling separately. I guess we are extra lucky this time around.

The first of you arrived in a sexy leopard onesie (aka romper). You had 3 suitcases and 4 handbags in tow. We were on the 4th floor of a walk up dorm room. You seemed upset with a top bunk situation after tackling all of those stairs.

To help get settled into the room, you decided to clean all of your plastic grocery bags in the bathroom shower and then hang them to drip dry in the room. That made sense.

You took the bunk above Kerry and somehow made a lot of ruckus for someone so tiny.

The second of you arrived around 2 am. We had settled into a terrible slumber on our Ziploc-covered rock beds when you came bounding in. You helped the situation by turning on all of the lights.

Jenny had the pleasure of having you in the bunk above her. Being a not-so-petite male wearing jeggings, you plopped into the top bunk and proceeded to flop around like a fish out of water for an hour. Then apparently you decided to leave the room to go sleep on an actual rock outside, because that was likely more comfortable than the beds in the dorm.

Once again we returned to our shitty slumber. Then Thing One had a bad dream. Which resulted in a lot of noise. Noises that a ghost might make, paired with yelling help and screaming.

After a few minutes of yelling you settled back into normal sleep we giggled for no less than 20 minutes. Thing Two was still out at who knows where. It was 4 am. We made an agreement to blow this popsicle joint if we weren’t getting sleep by 5:30 am.

Lucky for us, Thing Two came back at 5 am and returned to his fish out of water tendencies. Then some random 5th person, in a 4 bed dorm, arrived at 5:30 am. Possibly a lost person, as you didn’t stay long.

Our 6:30 am alarms came all too soon after a night with you fools. Thankfully it was only one night, and now we are Tokyo bound where our only bedtime concern is if we get more than one twin size sheet to share between the two of us.

Forever not yours,
Kerry & Jenny

For those who want to hear our impression of the sounds Thing One made…

4 thoughts on “Dear Terrible Dorm Mates… Cebu Edition

  1. says:

    Hello from good old Germany

    Very great pictures – amazing videos – enjoy your Trip

    Hope we see us here in Germay- In the city Ulm, where the grandmother Brigitte was born

    Mann greetings

    Petra, Hermann, Peter and Irmi and Frank πŸ™‹πŸ½πŸ˜˜

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