Boracay, Philippines

Arriving in Boracay we were blown away by the views… and the beaches! No wonder this is a major tourist attraction. It was quite different from El Nido. The streets were busier, the town was much more expansive, there was a McDonald’s… there was a lot to take in. We split ways during this 8-night stop and did our own thing, so we’ll talk separately about our stay here.

From Jenny…
I arrived at my hostel, Mad Monkey Boracay with a group of about 10 people who all stayed at The Outpost in El Nido with me. We knew it was going to be a great week right away, since friendships had been formed already. This hostel is known for getting everyone active and hanging out, so the moment we put our bags away in the room, we went down to the pool/bar area to meet our fellow hostel mates. I was still on antibiotics from an ear infection, so couldn’t go diving with Kerry just yet, so it was nice to be staying somewhere that had fun activities going on and lots of super people to do things with! On my first full day there, I went on the hostel’s Saturday “Boat Party”, which was so large it was made up of a fleet of 3 different boats full of people, and we spent the day enjoying the sights of Boracay from the water, having fun socializing (yes, there was some beer involved as well), cliff jumping and watching the sunset. It was a solid day of good fun! The rest of my week included 2 days of diving with Kerry and David, our scuba instructor, hanging out on the gorgeous beaches by day and sunset watching by night with new friends! We even went to the clubs that are directly on the beach a few evening with others from the hostel. Boracay was a totally different feel from El Nido, but I enjoyed my time there equally! 

Enjoying a nice dinner and drinks on the beach with my new girlfriends!

Happy hour one evening with Kerry after diving

Stunning Puka Shell beach!

From Kerry…
My time in Boracay was spent doing one of three things: diving, tanning or sleeping. I started my stay at a hostel near Jenny’s, but quickly realized I wanted my space and quiet, so I moved to an Airbnb closer to the center of town. It probably didn’t help that I was recovering from some sort of food poisoning incident, but I wasn’t in the mood for a hostel. My host, Teddy, and his staff were so welcoming and made things really great for my stay. I got a delicious homemade breakfast each morning, my own room on the top level of their building, assistance with anything I needed and a short walk to the shops and the beach.

I spent 4 days diving with New Wave Divers and hitting 10 different dive sites around Boracay. I had 2 different guides – Shane was with me the first 2 days (5 dives) and David the second 2 days (when Jenny joined us too!) All of the dive sites were very different and unique. We saw all kinds of cool things, including many different nudibranch, which are becoming my favorite underwater creatures. We also did several deep dives and two different wreck dives. Overall they were very successful dives – even the one with the Russian woman who failed to understand underwater etiquettte and wandered off on her own regularly.

Another day I took a sailing trip with some locals that have their own boat. Since Dad raised me to like sailing, I was very excited about this trip. We sailed around the entire island, with a stop at Puka Beach, on a very breezy day. My sister would have freaked out at the tilt-o-meter level, but I loved every minute of it! I think the trip around the island was much quicker than expected since it was so windy, but it was relaxing and gave me a chance to see a lot more of Boracay!

Aside from that, I spent the rest of my time lounging on the beach and working on my tan as I did a lot of people watching. It was relaxing, quiet, breathtaking and just what I needed! The guys at the dive shop offered some great suggestions on places to eat and buy groceries while I was in town, so I feasted on Indian food, deli sandwiches, mango yogurt and cheese and crackers. Not quite the traditional Filipino food, but it hit the spot 🙂573B95B463B72244FCE6CAD04CC67624IMG_20170607_184009IMG_20170607_182928

Boracay spoiled us both in totally different ways and we highly suggest that if you’re in the Philippines to spend some time there. The beaches and water were pure perfection, the locals were as friendly as ever, the diving was great and there is something for everyone.

~ Kerry & Jenny

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