What we ate in… the Philippines!

The Philippines won us over in so many ways, from the friendly people to the beautiful scenery, but of course we also loved the foods offered in this country. Let’s take a look at what ended up in our bellies…

Z Hostel Cafe (Manila, Philippines)
We devoured a traditional Filipino breakfast at our Manila hostel before skipping town and starting our island hopping. Yum!IMG_20170527_103041

Happiness Bar (El Nido, Philippines)
This place had amazing Greek food and 2-for-1 girlie cocktails, so of course we had to try them!IMG_20170531_180428IMG_20170531_175446

Boat Food (El Nido, Philippines)
All of the day trips and dive trips in El Nido included lunch on board or on the beach. Every time they were somewhat similar but always amazing!IMG_20170530_112752

Pasta King (Dumaguete, Philippines)
After an island day trip we were ravenous and ready to dominate some pasta. So where else to go other than the king of pasta!IMG_20170611_164320-1

Veranda (Moalboal, Philippines)
Whenever this restaurant actually agreed to serve us we stuck to the same meal for every breakfast. Their Farmers Breakfast was legit and always left our bellies stuffed and happy. It came with coffee or tea, a fruit juice of the day and a big mound of potatoes with onions, bacon and fried eggs on top. We also hit this place for lunch and dinner and it was pretty delicious, but nothing compared to breakfast!IMG_20170614_102325

Ven-Z Kitchen (Moalboal, Philippines)
Jenny had witnessed a fellow traveler consuming a delicious looking local Filipino dish called sisig. We agreed we had to try it and then became addicts. We tried a few different varieties – pork and chicken – and from different places. But Ven-Z Kitchen made our favorite version!

Little Corner (Moalboal, Philippines)
Another delicious restaurant in Moalboal was Little Corner. We heard about this spot and it became our daily after-diving stop. The food was cheap, delicious and consistent. Some of the offerings on the menu sounded a bit odd (for example: chicken steak with mixed vegetables) but they were always amazing! And those homemade french fries… mmmmmm! We also had chicken curry, chicken schnitzel and of course some Red Horse and San Mig Light.

Basically everywhere in the Philippines
Kerry grew majorly addicted to fruit shakes in the Philippines. Banana shakes remain the favorite, but all kinds of flavors were readily available and easily consumed!IMG_20170608_135741IMG_20170614_172015

~ Kerry & Jenny

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