My Scandinavian journey – part 2 – beautiful Bergen, Norway

Jenny here!

I took an overnight train on the route from Oslo to Bergen and along the way took in some absolutely stunning scenery!

Exhausted but excited to arrive in Bergen by train!

After a 7 hour journey, I made it from Oslo to Bergen before 7am! As I walked the 10 minutes from the train station to my hostel in the light mist and overcast sky, I still had a feeling that I would fall in love with this town. It’s simply adorable! From the cobblestone streets to the picturesque colorful homes on the side of the mountains, it’s just so cute! I had met 2 girls in Paris that were from Bergen (what a small world it is indeed!) and they had me very excited for my couple of days here.

Even the McDonald’s here is adorable!

I checked into my hostel, got showered and ready for the day, then headed out to the harbor, a mere 2 minute walk, to the tourist information center. Here I would purchase a ticket to go on the 3 hour fjord cruise that leaves from the harbor. I was told by my hostel that this would be the best day for it, as rain was in the forecast for my remaining time there. Which leads me to another statement…there is never not rain in the forecast in Bergen. It’s a town that is notorious for the amount of rainy days it gets each year…in fact it had rained something like 26 days in June, a new record for the city!

At 10am I headed out on my cruise of the stunning inner fjords near Bergen. It was super windy and I was exhausted but also so excited and in awe of the beauty of the fjords! After the cruise, I grabbed some fish and chips from Bergenfisk, which I read on Trip Advisor had high reviews. It was basically a food truck set up on the harbor alongside several other popup restaurants. It was delish! I didn’t actually get much sleep on my overnight train, due to the excitement I had about actually traveling by train and seeing the incredible views along the way. So, I headed back for a nap, which turned into me turning in for the rest of the evening, as I was completely wiped out and still not feeling 100% after being sick in Oslo.

The next day I woke up to (surprise, surprise) rain! After researching what I could do in this city in the rain, it just came to me that I should still get out and continue with my intended plans, which was to go on a couple of hikes here. They say that in Bergen, even though it’s raining, just throw on your rain gear and get outside, so I was determined not to let the weather dictate my good time!

I ended up hiking Mount Floyen that day and Mount Ulriken the following day. I bundled up both mornings and set out ready for rain and cold, packed a sandwich and water each day in my backpack and took off to enjoy the stunning scenery that Bergen has to offer.

About to start up Mount Floyen in the cold rain

First peak of views from the top of Floyen

Views atop Floyen after waiting out 2 more rainstorms and the clouds clearing out!

Heading up Mount Ulriken – actually got warm on this tougher hike!

Stunning city and water views on top of Ulriken!

​This city is best enjoyed by it’s sights, and I’m so glad that I was able to go on the peaceful fjord cruise and also able to get out and explore by hiking 2 scenic mountains!

On my final evening I set out to walk to the famous sight in Bergen called Bryggen. Bryggen is a series of old historical warehouse buildings set along the east side of the harbor. It’s absolutely adorable!The sun also came out for the first time since my arrival so I snapped a photo of the side of Mount Floyen!I ended my last day there with a meal of hearty and delicious soups and bread at a local restaurant, and washed that all down with a cold beer.I was heading out that evening on another night train, so I got prepared for the journey ahead and trucked onward!


2 thoughts on “My Scandinavian journey – part 2 – beautiful Bergen, Norway

  1. Awesome post! We went to Bergen last year to visit my cousin who was living there. Great to see your photos…you ended up doing a lot of the same things we did. Such an awesome little city!

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