My Scandinavian journey – up first – Oslo, Norway 

Jenny here!

I left Paris on a flight bound for Oslo, Norway in the early evening, and knew it would be a long night and late check-in to my hostel there. What I didn’t know is how terrible I would start to feel mid-journey…something was hitting me in a bad way…as my whole body started to ache and I felt very lethargic starting that afternoon. Once I got off the plane, I knew it was some sort of 24 hours virus…or food poisoning. I will not go into details because I’m not trying to scare away readers of this blog, but I’ll just say, it wasn’t pretty, and my first entire day in Oslo was spent holed up in my dorm room either in a fetal position on my bed or in the bathroom. How could I make it through nearly 4 months in Southeast Asia eating every local food under the sun, not get sick until I eat a kabob in Paris?! Riddle me that!

On my second full day in Oslo, I decided I was feeling well enough to venture out for the day, so I headed out in search of some fruit and a muffin, 2 things that sounded tolerable after not eating for nearly 48 hours at this point. I then decided to do the 2 hour harbor cruise that would allow me to see many of the sights the city has to offer, from the comfort of a seat on a boat, where I didn’t have to exert much energy. Win-win! 

Adorable summer houses outside of the harbor

When the cruise was over, I walked through the city hall, which is where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded each December 10. It’s a beautiful building with much history.

Also near the harbor is Akershus Castle, which is a really old castle with stunning views of the harbor! I took a wander through the grounds and snapped some pics along the way.Akershus Castle as seen from my cruise

Saw a horse being trained on the castle grounds

I then made my way to the spectacular Oslo Opera House, and climbed up a huge ramp on the side of it, which leads to stellar views of the city and the harbor. 

After walking about a bit more, I decided I was pretty exhausted and had very little energy left in me, so I called it a day and went to bed early!

I had one full day left to explore Oslo, and was heading out on my first overnight train ride this last evening at 11pm! But first, I had an entire day of sightseeing planned and much eating to catch up on! I was finally hungry again, and since I had spent next to nothing on food for the last 3 days, I was able to splurge on some amazing meals this day!!

I started off the day by going to Trip Advisor and looking up the best rated restaurants and found 2 that I wanted to try! The first was Vulkanfisk, and I went all out and ordered the Fresh Fish Dinner! It’s different every single day, and basically the chef has free reign of the fish counter, sees what looks the best, and comes up with a new dish inspired daily! My meal would consider of fresh Halibut with roasted potatoes and eggplant served on a red pepper sauce. It was incredible!!

I also ordered a local Pilsner beer to enjoy on this gorgeous and sunny day in Oslo! All was right in the world at this moment. After my amazing meal, I decided to walk it off by heading on an hour and a half walk (instead of using the public transit) to a park that I had read about. Google maps even lead me through a beautiful cemetary along the way!After a long but relaxing walk, I arrived to Frogner Park, a place where locals go to sunbathe, play games and just hang out on beautiful days such as today. I walked through the park to the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which is just what it sounds like, a park with sculptures in it. 

I found a park bench to lay on for a bit to relax in the sun. After about 2 hours at the park, I hopped on a city bus to take me to the Fram Museum, the one museum I’d heard not to miss. The Fram was a viking ship that is the strongest wooden ship ever built. It went on many explorations in and around the Arctic and is magnificent and on display inside this unique museum!Fram Museum as seen from the harbor cruise

On the top deck of the Fram

Posing with some viking statues

After learning about viking explorations and whatnot, I was ready to find my dinner spot. I headed back to the main part of town and walked right into the next restaurant on my list, Elias Mat & Sant, where I enjoyed a delicious salmon dinner and another Pilsner, because, why not?! 

I had an incredible time in my first Scandinavian city, and will never forget my time spent here in Oslo!


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