My Scandinavian journey – 3rd city is charming Stockholm, Sweden

Jenny here!

I got to Stockholm early evening via a long night and day of trains. Once I checked into my hostel, I got some much needed laundry started and while waiting on that to finish, enjoyed some time in the sauna that my hostel had – fancy stuff, Sweden!

The next morning I set out in town to find the meeting point for the free city walking tour. On this tour of the main part of the city, we learned a but about the history of the city and the history of the royal family. I also met a sweet Canadian girl named Bianca, that I would end up hanging out with the next few days! 

This was the bank where the story of Stockholm’s Syndrome came from!

Bianca and I walked around the Old Town for a bit to kill some time, and came upon this wonderful smelling bakery called Brod & Salt. We threw caution to the wind and ordered a delightfully sinful cinnamon roll kind of pastry called a Kanelbulle that was to die for! This would not be my last one either…For that afternoon, I had a cruise around the Archipelago booked, so I set out for the harbor and boarded a really nice boat in which I would view all of the islands surrounding the city. I also enjoyed a lovely lunch on board the cruise! Going on this excursion really just made me want to be really rich so I too could have a summer home in the Stockholm Archipelago! Ha! That evening Bianca came over to my hostel and we hung out in the outdoor courtyard listening to a live Swedish band play some good tunes!

The next morning, we participated in the bike tour of Stockholm offered by my hostel. We met a really fun crew of people and were on our way cruising on bikes all over the city and it’s many islands that truly make up the city. It was such a fun time and really was a great way to see a lot of the city. At one point our guide took us to the highest natural point in the city, where we climbed up a small hill that gave us incredible views of the city and all of the adorable buildings that make up the Stockholm skyline. We sat here for a while swapping travel stories and enjoyed some hot tea and cookies provided by our guide! We ended the tour at the city hall, where we took a nice group photo, then rode back to our hostel. Our guide had suggested a food truck that specialized in pan fried herring, so about half of the group decided to go there together for a fun lunch!We walked around after lunch and hit up the Royal Armory near the palace, where we saw old royal carriages and many preserved royal artifacts dating back centuries! We then set out for one more tour of the day, the free city walking tour of Old Town, otherwise known as Gamla Stan. There is such history in this city and we learned a lot about the royal family and there is basically a story to go along with every building there! That evening, Bianca and I decided that we had to indulge in one last Swedish specialty, since it was my last night there! We enjoyed some delicious Swedish meatballs with lingonberries and potatoes! The meatballs were SO good!On my last morning, I checked out and stored my bag at the hostel for the day, and set out with Bianca for Djurgarden. This is an island in Stockholm that has a national park on it, as well as the most famous museum in Stockholm, which is the Vasa Museum. We started out at the museum, leaning the history of this magnificent ship and it’s rather short history. Brief summary- Vasa is a Swedish war ship that set sail and within the first 1000 meters on it’s journey, it sank. It was under the sea for 333 years before it was located, excavated and restored to close to it’s former glory and put in this museum for all to see!Having a little fun with one of the ship’s cannons

We then decided to just walk around the island and though the national park since the weather was gorgeous and we had some time on our hands. On our way back to the main part of town,we stopped for hot dogs and listened to some live music playing in a park in the city.

Stockholm is an absolutely charming city, with such a long and interesting history. I had such an enjoyable time here not only seeing the city but also met a fun friend to discover the city with! Traveling is so fun when you open yourself up to new experiences and new people!


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