Denton, Texas… A visit back home

After leaving Tokyo I opted to make a trip back to Texas to catch up with friends and family. My visit to Australia to see family helped me get my head straight on what I wanted to do as far as my travels were concerned, but I was still homesick and wanting to see a lot of people. Since my next stop after Tokyo was Europe, I decided it was a good opportunity to detour back to DFW.

A 12 hour flight later, plus travelling back in time, my friend Brian (aka DC) picked me up at the airport on a rainy Saturday morning. When I left back in January he had called dibs on the airport pickup whenever I returned. I was happy the offer still stood and that he could get me! I was jetlagged, running on no sleep, smelly and a visible disaster, but Brian was as kind as ever and gave me tons of hugs and took me to a delicious breakfast before dropping me off at my dad’s house. Added bonus: he let me babble nonstop just like I used to do with him every morning at work 🙂

I had kept my trip home a secret from many people because I had one large goal: I wanted to surprise my friend Rose by showing up at her doorstep unexpected and meet her new baby, Nate. After getting back home and greeting my puppy, my dad and Tammy, I cleaned up and hopped in the car to go surprise Rose. Our mutual friend Khush had set up decoy plans with her so that I knew she would be home. I snuck up to her doorstep and realized she had a motion activated doorbell with a camera, so I quickly knocked and turned my back to that to help work on the surprise. After a successful surprise I got in lots of baby cuddles, caught up with Rose and felt right at home.


Meeting baby Nate

The next few weeks were filled with visits with friends: short getaways, a trip to Vegas, breakfasts, coffee dates, dinner dates and much more. I went by Match and said hello to former coworkers and made sure to spent quality time with my girls and my boys 🙂 I also got a lot of family time in too: I tried my hand at having 4 kids for a night when babysitting my sister’s kids plus her friends kid, Dad and I went boating a handful of times (including one epic fail of a trip with my sister’s family), we celebrated July 4th together, Dad and I grubbed on some amazing Mexican food, Sweet Dee and I spent a ton of time in the pool and I had a highly successful girl’s day with my sister and niece!


Heading to the lake with Dad


Sweet Dee refuses to pose for selfies


4th of July



My crazy puppy

~ Kerry

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