My Scandinavian journey – final city is Copenhagen, Denmark!

Jenny here!

I arrived in Copenhagen by yet another overnight train journey. Upon exiting the central train station, I had a 20 minute walk to my hostel, and arrived around 7am. My hostel check-in time was 2pm, but they let me get showered up and take a quick nap on a couch in the lounge before heading out on the free city walking tour at 10am. The walking tour guide met us at the hostel and led us to the courthouse where the tour actually starts. While waiting on the tour to start, I saw countless brides in wedding dresses exiting every few minutes, and learned that on every Saturday there is a wedding about every 5 minutes in the courthouse!

The tour lasted 3.5 hours and we learned all about the history of Copenhagen, including how the city has basically burned down several times, some buildings burning 5 times to the ground! The guide was informative and funny in his delivery of knowledge about the city and the tour seemed to fly by!After the tour, I grabbed a highly recommended bacon wrapped hot dog (in Copenhagen bacon is life!) and a beer, then headed back to my hostel to check in and get rested up for the next day since I have now learned that I cannot sleep on trains. Especially overnight ones.

The next morning I woke up refreshed and ready for a full day of sightseeing! I started the day by going on the “Classical tour of Copenhagen” and later that afternoon went on a tour of Christianshavn – a charming area in Copenhagen with the tour ending at the entrance to the free town of Christiania. In this “free town”, there is essentially a free drug market and the laws of the country and city do not apply. It’s beyond crazy and interesting to take a walk through this “city”!

No pictures allowed inside Christiania!

Between tours, I walked over to Paper Island – literally an island known for Copenhagen street food. It was one of the most recommended places to visit while here, and it happened to also be the most beautiful day of the year in Copenhagen, so it was a no brainer. I walked to the island, and followed the crowds to this huge old industrial building that has tons of food stands set up inside with all types of food! I had done some research, so knew what I wanted already going into the food park! I walked around to make sure I didn’t have a change of mind and decided to stick with my original plan of fries cooked twice in duck fat and Mexican street tacos with some local beer. I enjoyed my meal in the sunshine and even got a beer to go for the walk back into the main part of town.

After touring for the day, I opted for a cruise on the canal, since so much of the city can be viewed from the water. It was a lovely cruise and I thoroughly enjoyed soaking up the sunshine, being on the water with a beer in hand and hearing the canal tour guide explaining the sights. 

The famous statue of the Little Mermaid

It was a long but incredible day spent in amazing weather in an adorable city. I loved my time spent in beautiful and historic Copenhagen!

Up next, a day of trains to get to Amsterdam in time for my birthday and getting to spend some quality time with my friend Jackie, who I met scuba diving in Thailand, who will be hosting me in her home during my time there!

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