Amsterdam, Netherlands

I had a quick visit to The Netherlands after Stockholm. I had visited before, so I wanted to take this trip to see a lot of the great museums in the city and spend some time out of the city center. In my two full days I did my best to squeeze in as much as I could while also trying to catch up on sleep at my Airbnb. What did I do? Here’s a quick rundown…

Van Gogh Museum
I don’t think I have spent so much time in a museum. Wow.


The Night Watch by Rembrandt as amazing to see, but I was more interested in the beautiful building than a lot of the stuff inside.



Floating Flower Market
Not quite as impressive as I had imagined, but still nice to see.

Amsterdam City Archives
I walked a lot of stairs in this building and admired all the stained glass windows.


No doubt about it, I consumed plenty of these.


A beautiful, hidden park in the city. The residents of this little area are extra lucky!


De Hallen
My Airbnb host recommended this gem to me. An old industrial building with unique shops and a great food hall. Sort of like food trucks, minus the trucks. I tried some dim sum and washed it down with a beer.



I stayed near this lovely park and took full advantage – morning runs and afternoon walks through the park.


OMG Stroopwafels
United Airlines first got me addicted to these when Jenny and I went to NYC. They sell them on the cheap here so I constantly carried them around as purse snacks. Nom nom nom


Shopping (The 9 Streets, Magna Plaza, Kalvertoren)
Some OK shopping was had here, but nothing wild. I’m hoping Paris meets my shopping desires.


I don’t think this dog could have been any happier to nap on a shopping street!

Amsterdam has so much to offer and is a truly lovely place. It was great to come back and see an entirely different side of the city. Cheers!

~ Kerry

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