Always a good time in London Town!

Jenny here….still trying to get caught up on the blogging…was in London, England mid-August…

I took a train down from Edinburgh into London and found my way to my hostel via the Underground. It’s pretty cool when you get out of the train station, go straight to the Tube, and your first sight above ground is this:


First views of London – Tower of London at the tube closest to my hostel!

Once in my hostel room, I immediately met a guy and a girl in my room who were heading down to the hostel bar for a few drinks before dinner and heading out for a nice little Saturday night. I agreed to meet them down there, and told my friend Christina, whom I had met on my tour of the Scottish Highlands, to also meet up with us, since we had taken the train down together.

We had a nice little evening out, with some Asian food for dinner, and found some cute pubs to have some cocktails in before realizing that we were completely exhausted and heading back home for some rest.

The next morning, I had plans to meet up with my buddy Prahlad that I met in El Nido back in May when I was in the Philippines. We met up in Camden, where he lived before he left for Australia and traveling, and its an area he considers home with much nostalgia. We set out to wander about the Camden Market, which on a Sunday is insanely crowded and buzzing with people eating, drinking and shopping. We had a pint by the water, ate a burrito from an amazing food truck setup there, then headed off on a walk to Primrose Hill Park, which was nearby and boasts stunning views of the city.

We had another pint or 2 after the park, then Prahlad had to head out to watch some sporting event, and I made some friends and spent a while roaming Camden enjoying meeting new people and the gorgeous weather we had been blessed with that day.

The next day was spent with Christina, doing mostly touristy things, most of which I’d seen on prior trips to London, but there’s something about this city that seems brand new each time you’re there. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world, for many reasons, but mostly because there is always something going on there and there is always something new to do!

We toured for a few hours through the Tower of London…listening to the adorable Beefeaters and seeing the Crowned Jewels never gets old!



Christina and I with the beautiful Tower Bridge


Ugly London Bridge

Christina and I headed to a new-to-me market called Borough Market, where there are TONS of vendors selling food and drinks from all over the world. After walking around the market a few times, we finally settled on our choices and were both content with the food decisions we had made!

We were debating calling it an early night, when I suggested we make our way to the Theatre district and see if there was a chance if we could catch a show for cheap. We hopped on the tube and learned at the first box office we found, that all the shows on that day were around 7:30, and seeing as it was 7pm already, we had a very short amount of time to make a decision. We landed on Yank, the Musical, which was heart-wrenching, captivating and hysterical at times!


The next day was my last full day in the city, and since I’d been to London a couple of times before, I didn’t feel the need to run around sight-seeing like a crazy person, as I’d seen all of the sights multiple times. I decided that day that I’d just walk, but first, I enjoyed an amazing Indian meal for lunch. I love Indian food, and certain parts of London are known for their amazing Indian cuisine, as there is a large Indian population in the city. The meal was all I’d hoped for, then I set off walking towards the main parks of the city.


I started at Westminster Abbey, which also has amazing sights of Big Ben. From there I set off for St. James Park which leads right to Buckingham Palace. From there I walked through Green Park, then Hyde Park on to the Kensington Gardens. For a day of non-sightseeing, I certainly ended up seeing a lot!

That evening, I had setup drinks with an old DB coworker of mine, Pete. I met him in the financial district near the bank he currently works at, and settled in for an evening of pints, whiskeys and a great catchup.


Pete was thrilled to pose for a quick pic for our old coworkers

My time in London was actually a nice break from what it felt like lots of scenic sightseeing in Ireland and Scotland, and was really lovely to meet up with a few friends that are lucky enough to call London home.

Until next time, London!



One thought on “Always a good time in London Town!

  1. moonmusic says:

    I LOVE the London Underground! My only souvenirs from the city were some Underground logo magnets haha “London” “Underground” and “Mind the gap” 😉

    Whadja have pints of?? Did you try any new beers? Was it Christina’s first time to London? Wish I could’ve taken the Beefeaters’ Tour, but I did get to see the Crown Jewels – we were short on time since we had to bounce to go to the WB lot for the HP Studios Tour 😀

    Yay for continuing to find new-to-you things. Glad to hear a positive vote for Borough Market. On my list for next time. Love your flower shots!

    Liked by 1 person

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