Berlin, Germany…My Introduction to Winter for the first time in 2017

Jenny here…

It was bound to happen at some point y’all, I finally met winter in 2017. I’d done a dang good job of avoiding winter the entire year (starting off my travels last January in New Zealand and Australia). I made a quick stop in Amsterdam at Jackie’s to ditch my summer clothes and shop for winter, then headed off for Berlin. I was super excited to finally make it to Eastern Europe, a part of Europe that’s totally new to me! 

I walked a ton during my time in Berlin, as I had plenty of days there, so was never in a rush to see the next place. I did a couple of walking tours in the city, one being an alternative tour about the street art which is a huge part of Berlin, and another more traditional tour highlighting historic buildings, stories, and walls. Really just one wall, you know the one, the Berlin Wall, or what’s left of it. 

Brandenburger Tor

Holocaust Memorial for survivors

Standing over Hitler’s War Bunker

Checkpoint Charlie

I walked the strip of the Berlin Wall that’s still standing, now known as the East Side Gallery – the wall is decorated with graffiti from artists all over the world. 

I went to a few museums focusing on the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust and WWII. I had an extra day so booked a day trip to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp outside of Berlin, and it was quite the solemn tour. This wasn’t an extermination camp like Auschwitz, but thousands still died here. Walked right into the room to be gassed, thinking they were getting showers. It was just horrific to be reminded of the dark history of the region.

Each day after visiting museums that basically depress you, I found desire for beer, lots of delicious German beer. And German food, oh how I missed thee! (My dad’s mother is from Germany and I’m spoiled by her German cooking throughout the year when I’m home.) I ended up finding one super cozy restaurant in a cute neighborhood and visited it several times for dinner and drinks and just a place to hang out for the evening. 

Berlin is such a cool city with something for everyone! I enjoyed my time here thoroughly.

One thought on “Berlin, Germany…My Introduction to Winter for the first time in 2017

  1. Moon says:

    The art is really cool. Colour me impressed that you go for the full experiences in the cities rather than just the feel-good stuff. You’re a trooper!


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