Budapest, Hungary…and walking along the Danube River

Jenny here…

Upon arrival to Budapest, I knew that I’d spend a lot of time outside walking and admiring the views of the city along the Danube River. The city is split with Buda on one side of the river and Pest on the other. I stayed in Pest, and walked over to Buda several times for different viewpoints. 

I walked straight down to the Danube and crossed the famous Chain Bridge to get to Buda. I first climbed up to the palace, then headed over to Fisherman’s Bastion, a place known for it’s views of the city, which did not disappoint! 

Killer views of Pest from the castle

Chain bridge at night!

The Hungarian Parliament…simply stunning at night!

I had a recommendation from a previous tour guide that I must take a tour of the Parliament, which is the 3rd largest in the world, and it was incredible! I’m so glad I booked my tickets in advance because they were sold out for days! 

The back of the Parliament during the day

I found the local Christmas Market and honestly ate most of my meals there, growing tired of sitting at a table for one, sometimes it’s nice to eat in a setting like a market where there is great people watching! I tried goulash soup and several Hungarian sausages (and potatoes and veggies) with lots of mustard and bread. I indulged in more Glühwein, of course. 

One afternoon I walked back across the river to Buda and climbed up the huge hill to the Citadella for more views of the city, this time a bit foggy and wet from the neverending mist that day.

Views atop the Citadella

After an afternoon of walking the Riverside (again) on both sides, I enjoyed a local specialty called Lángos, a deep fried Flatt bread with sour cream, garlic and shredded cheese….yum!

Tasty Lángos!

On Saturday night, I made it to Rudas Bathhouse, which is a very popular thing to do in Budapest. These bathhouses have been around for ages and the water, all different temps, is sourced from local hot springs. It was a relaxing way to end the day, but unfortunately I have no pictures because, well, water. Google it…it’s really neat!

I spent some time in Budapest at my hostel relaxing and doing some trip planning as well. My time overall in Budapest was super easy going, although I walked miles upon miles each day by the river, I truly loved the sights of this city! 


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