Lisbon, Portugal and Sintra Day Trip

Jenny here…

I was lucky enough to be able to head over to Lisbon from Seville via bus, and arrived at my amazing hostel in the evening, welcomed by free and unlimited sangria in the social room. Lisbon was already starting off on a great note! I had heard from some travel friends that Lisbon has the best hostels and took the recommendation from my Aussie friend Cat (met in Barcelona) and booked the Good Morning Lisbon hostel, which she stayed at in her time there. 

The free breakfast at the hostel was the best I’d encountered in my many months of hostel life! Every morning we had someone cooking eggs different ways, Toasties (versions of grilled cheese), fresh veggies, fruits and even chorizo! Yum!


I went on a walking tour of Lisbon and realized that this city has crazy similarities to San Francisco. It’s a super hilly city, has a trolley system going around the whole city, is by the water, and even has a bridge designed by the same guy that designed the Golden Gate Bridge. The views from all over Lisbon are just spectacular! 

One evening, I made it to a lookout point for sunset, and realized it was a really cool hangout spot. There was a stand selling beers, people bringing their own bottles of wine and a full on band playing great music. The sunset was brilliant too!

One afternoon I spent a few hours seeing the city on the trolley! It was such a fun experience and a great way to get around to the different points in the city. 

For dinner, I had to try the famous dish that I’d heard all about from travel friends, called Peri Peri Chicken. Its simply a grilled chicken but has amazing flavor and was cooked to perfection! 

Did I mention the restaurant only offered bottles of wine? No problem!

My hostel offered a unique guided day trip to Sintra, a town nearby that everyone says is a must-see, full of palaces and mysterious legends. I left for the day with a few others from my hostel and our adorable local guide and we had a great time. We started off in Sintra at the Quinta da Regaleira Palace. The grounds were really beautiful and there was a set of tunnels and caves used by the Free Masons years back, which added some intrigue to the place! 

We had an authentic Portuguese lunch at a super local spot. I enjoyed a traditional dish called Bitoque and tried out the house made red wine and 7up combination that’s simlar to the delicious tinto de veranas in Spain, so tasty!! 

We made our way to the highest point in the area for views, then on to the most Western point in Europe! So stunning!

Views of the most Western point in Europe

Europe’s most western point!

Our crew for the Sintra day tour! Fun times!

On our way back into Lisbon, we stopped at the beach to enjoy a local treat called Travesseiros de Sintra, a yummy pastry with almond and sugar! So delicious!! 

On my last night there I finally decided to try the famous Portuguese egg tarts, and realized what a fool I had been to not have had one earlier! They are so scrumptious it’s not possible to just have one!

Portuguese egg tarts…so addictive!!

I absolutely adored Lisbon and it’s certainly a city that I would return to in the future! 

2 thoughts on “Lisbon, Portugal and Sintra Day Trip

  1. Moon says:

    The sunset shots at the lookout point have such vibrant colour. I love the first shot you posted of Sintra and the one of you on the staircase is a cool angle. Love your food mentions especially when you talk about the country specific dishes and snacks. Makes me want to try them – yum! (I’m also very hungry right now lol)


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