Prague, Czech Republic…You’ve Won Me Over!

Jenny here…

I was ecstatic to finally make it to Prague! I’ve dreamed of visiting this historic city and it’s charming little streets and old buildings…and beer, oh the beer! 

I started off in Prague by going on a walking tour, as I typically do to familiarize myself with the city and I fell in love pretty much immediately! I was staying in a hostel located right off the old town square which is a beauty in itself, and that’s where the meeting place was for the tour as well. We roamed the cobblestone streets and learned the history of the city and how it’s one of the very few cities in Eastern Europe that didn’t get destroyed during WWII, so the buildings are so old and as authentic as they seem. We walked through the old Jewish quarter and ended with sights of the Prague Castle, what a stunner! 

Old Prague Square

The famous Astronomical Clock

Old Jewish Quarter


Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral

I spent one afternoon exploring on my own and found a cute daytime market with food and drink and indulged in some raclette, a beer and my first trdelnik, a sweet treat that can be found every 10 meters in Prague. 

One evening, I went on an organized Beer Tour and it was such a fun time! Not only did I learn about the history of beer in the Czech Republic, and how in a small town nearby called Pilsen, they came up with the way that beer is brewed all over the world to this day, but we also tasted delicious unfiltered beer from several pubs around town. I made some fun friends on the tour and we ended up hanging out long after the tour was over!

The next day, I opted for a guided tour of the castle, and met up with some Italian friends made on the beer tour. We were amazed at the sheer size of the castle, and in all reality, it’s more like a village, since it’s made up of a bunch of different buildings. The castle grounds also houses the enormous and beautiful Saint Vitus Cathedral.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Stunning city views from the castle grounds!

The back of St. Vitus Cathedral…stunning!

My Italian friends!

For dinner, the Italian girls and I, along with another guy we met on the tour, decided to head further up the hill to a monastery where they also brew their own beer. We heard from our guide that the restaurant there is very nice and the beer is some of the best in the world, so of course we had to try it out! I ordered the crispy roast duck for dinner and it was phenomenal! The beer was up there with the best I had ever tasted! 

The best duck I’ve ever had!

We walked the famous Charles Bridge back and took in night views of the castle and the city. 
I spent one rainy evening hanging out at a cozy restaurant/pub enjoying beers and food, and ended up at a table full of guys on a reunion of sorts from all over the Czech Republic. It was so random and so fun, topped off with great beer and food! 

I can still taste the deliciousness of these housemade chips and garlic sauce!

I think that Prague is one of the most charming cities that I’ve ever been to, and that is saying a lot. I loved every moment in this beautiful city!


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