Vienna, Austria and my glorious introduction to Christmas Markets in Europe!

Jenny here…

I made my way to Vienna by bus from Krakow and arrived at my adorable hostel that evening. I was greeted by the reception with a warm cup of homemade apple and cinnamon tea, so nice! I asked the hostel if there were any Christmas Markets on yet, and they gave me a whole guide to all of the markets which happened to be starting up the following day…lucky me! 

In the morning, I started off with my traditional guided walking tour, got acquainted with the city and learned about it’s history. 

I also found out that coffee and tea houses are a big thing in Vienna, and it’s not unusual to hang out for hours at one enjoying cakes and tea or coffee. That day the temps happened to be below freezing, so after my tour I found a highly rated tea House to hang out in for a bit that afternoon until I was ready to go to my first Christmas Market. 

I decided to just go to one market my first night, made my way there and immediately purchased a mug of Glühwein to warm me up and began browsing up and down the adorable cobblestone streets lined with stands filled with locally made products and food and drinks. I had a lovely time and even purchased a new pair of mittens (wool) to keep my hands warm in these freezing temps! 

Entering Spittelberger Nightmarket


After the market, I took the metro to an area of town with lots of old restaurants that was suggested to me by my tour guide that morning. She said to go to this area for local Viennese/Austrian good. I hit the jackpot with an adorable small restaurant with about 10 tables and a wrap-around bar, which I was able to take a seat at and order some beers and delicious schnitzel! Yum!

Typical Austrian (and German) meal

I had one night left and I made it to the 2 largest Christmas Markets in Vienna and had a fabulous time wandering around, observing the lights, festive booths, and stuffing myself with amazing food and more Glühwein. 

The entrance at Rathaus Christmas Market…stunning!

Local sausage in a roll…so good!

Karlsplatz Advent Market!

Delicious cheese spaetzle!

I had a wonderful time in charming Vienna and it was such a fun place to go to lighten up my spirits (after visiting Auschwitz) and started to get into the Christmas mood!


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