2 Lovely Weeks in Italy, Part 1

Jenny here…

When I was in Budapest, I began to think about wrapping up my trip and ultimately decided to roughly plan out the remainder of my trip. I picked a location to fly back to the States from and found a decently cheap set of flights to get me back to Texas. This left me with about one month left to roam about in Europe. I have been to many of the big tourist cities in Italy before, but was feeling pulled back there. I love Italy. Still, after this incredible year of travel, it’s one of my favorite countries. I looked at flights to see if it would happen to work out so that I could find a cheap flight to get me anywhere in Italy, and somehow I managed to find a flight to Naples, exactly in the region where I wanted to start out, and it was 20 dollars. One zero, not a typo. I booked the flight 2 days out and the decision was made. I would make my way leisurely through Italy and on up to southern Germany to visit my family there, before my flight back home in mid-December. 

I arrived early morning to Naples, but would not spend time in this city (it’s honestly not so pretty and a little sketchy). I hopped on a bus for an hour long ride to Sorrento, or actually a small village located a brief 15 minute walk from Sorrento, called Sant Agnello. I had rented out an entire apartment on Airbnb, found it easily and got settled in. I only had booked 2 nights here, since it’s very near the Amalfi coast, but I knew that many places near Amalfi were closed down this time of year. It would be a place to relax and enjoy the feeling of being in Italy. 

My charming apartment near Sorrento

I found an adorable restaurant that I ended up frequenting twice, and struck up conversation with my waitress throughout the meal. It happened to be Thanksgiving Day back home, and I indulged in a multi-course Italian meal, saved leftovers and ate them for dinner later in the evening, just as we do for Thanksgiving. The waitress was sweet and gave me not one but two Lemoncello shots on the house!

Delicious bolognese

House made Lemoncello! Yum!

On my one full day there, I made my way to Sorrento to really just wonder around and enjoy the gorgeous crisp, cool and sunny weather. I have been here before, and remembered walking down these same streets shopping and haggling for the best price 11 years ago. I made my first leather purchase in Italy (for this trip) and haggled for a good price for a beautiful small backpack to carry as a purse.

My first Italian leather purchase on this trip!

I walked down by the edge of town that is a cliff, overlooking the sea and admired the views. 

I had another fabulous meal at the same restaurant as the day before and enjoyed several glasses of their house red wine…the first of many to come during my time in Italy. 

The freshest tomatoes and yummy mozzarella!

More house made pasta….tasty!

The next day I made my way back to Naples via a local train and had about two hours to kill before my train ride to Rome, so I found an adorable mom and pop deli thanks to Trip Advisor, and had a delicious lunch of whatever the guy behind the counter wanted to bring to me! It was an experience!

Amazing meats and cheeses!

Up next, Rome!



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