2 Lovely Weeks in Italy, Part 2

Jenny here…

I made my way to Rome and was able to walk from the train station to my hostel. My hostel was unique in that it was only for females and it really was more like apartments with multiple twin beds in each bedroom. The lady that worked there also lived there and we chatted about places to eat and visit in the city while I was getting settled in.

I have been to Rome and really have seen the entire city and toured the Vatican before, so this time I planned to really have a relaxing time in this gorgeous, historic city. If you haven’t picked up on this yet, relaxing would be the theme that I would carry out throughout the remainder of my time in Italy, and truly for the remainder of my journey.  

On my first morning, I decided that only after a few days of eating in Italy so far, I would need to start running in the mornings. I did not want to sacrifice a meal here, the food and wine is too good, but I didn’t want to feel gross each time I sat down for a meal of pasta and vino. Running is the fix for this. I took off for a run around the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, no big deal, like everyone gets these running views daily, right?! Ha!

After the run I got ready for the day and was finally hungry again, so I headed in search of the old Jewish ghetto, an area of town known to have amazing food. 

Approaching the restaurants in the old Jewish ghetto

My brother and sister-in-law recommended a restaurant to me and I decided to try it out first. It did not disappoint! There are 2 dishes that are an absolute must try while in Rome; in the Jewish ghetto you simply have to get the Carciofi, a deep fried artichoke that is a specialty really only here, and in Rome in general, the pasta dish to order is Cacio e Pepe, which happens to be my all time favorite pasta! They were amazing! (Did I forget to mention I may have also indulged in a half liter of the house red…)

Beautiful carciofi and an arroncini ball

My first Roman Cacio e Pepe

Over the next couple of days I would spend my time going on morning runs, walking around the city taking in the famous sights to see, and enjoying wonderful meals and people watching. 

Back by the Colosseum

In front of the PantheonInside the PantheonThrowing a coin in the famous Trevi Fountain for luckGorgeous Trevi FountainSpanish Steps

St. Peter’s Basilica in The Vatican 

Delicious Carciofi!More Cacio e Pepe….. can’t get enough!

Walking back by the Colusseum at night

Paletine Hill overlooking the Roman Forum

Hill overlooking the Roman Forum

On Sunday evening I found a lovely church and went to mass. The service was in Italian, of course, and the inside of the cathedral was beautiful!

I had a wonderful time in Rome, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and taking in the ages old views of this old and historic city. 

Up next, my favorite Italian city, Florence!


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